Adventures in longer time

A camera makes it possible to see a moment, and not just the seconds as they happen. I have recently bought a proper tripod and filter for my camera, and now that we are living in the Dolomites (Did I mention we moved to the Alto Dolomites for the summer?) I have so many beautiful…

A Spring From the Winter that never Came

I know that it’s nearly been a year since I first set foot in England, because the daffodils are here again. Last year they were late because the winter had been so cold and harsh. This year they are early, because winter simply never arrived. One year ago next month, I set foot in England…

Eight Years

My senior picture from around this time 2005 on the left, me two days ago on the right. Very different?

The Last Collected Season

  I have a habit of taking photos out the window of my room, wherever I live, to capture the passage of time and the changing of circumstances. This first began when I studied abroad for the first time in Perugia, Italia in the summer of 2007. Almost every day, I took a photo out…

Losing Days Like Blinking

  Occasionally a day blends into an evening blends Into night  Seamlessly Lightly Almost too lightly And I lose a day like blinking.