Snow Practice

Just a little bit of photography on a freezing cold day with snow.

Winding Yarn On a ‘Snow Day’

It’s apparently too cold for small children to go to school here in Hanoi. So I’m doing indoor projects. This includes winding yarn for a virus blanket I’m making. It’s great! I find working with fibres so relaxing and calming.

Taejongdae and the newest window

Facebook reminded me of this post today, which shows the full cycle of the seasons the last time I was in Korea. I got inspired to take another picture out the window, adding it to the collection. Our neighbourhood is older, but it is rapidly being changed from large, family houses to concrete block apartments…

Tian’an Men Square 2016

We went! I can’t elaborate everything about how I felt being in that place here, at this time. I do live in Mainland China, after all.  The security was extra high due to the legislative session currently being held in the National People’s Congress on the Square. Tight security, with lots of guards everywhere. But…