Writer’s Reluctance

I’ve been lazy lately about writing, mostly out of my apathy in India and mostly out of my excitement here in the UK. The last week was filled with amazing sights, great food and drink, and some walks that were so beautiful it was hard to imagine that such colors and light existed. I’m beginning to really like it here, and that gives me all more motivation to get here next fall for my master’s course in London.

I deliberately avoid my own blog these days, for the discomfort of seeing empty space where India stories out to be. I’m probably unknowingly making a dent in my own pageviews, avoiding my writer’s reluctance.

“What are you doing?!” Travel Writer Coleen says, over and over, since February 22. “You’ve been to one of the most sought-after places ever for travel, and you’re squandering it by not writing down every detail!” Travel Writer Coleen is overenthusiastic. And overly optimistic. I’m On Vacation Coleen is busy visiting cool things in England and alternating sites with pubs. Shit’s About To Get Serious Coleen is busy worrying about how to pay for a master’s degree. Consignment Only Coleen is also out, replaced by I Lost All My Sensible Clothing Coleen.


Writer’s Block

Oh yeah, I went to Seoraksan National Park…about a month ago. Don’t judge me for putting the picture up so late!

I’ve hit the skids in a major way in my writing. For about a month, life in Korea has picked up professionally, personally, and in terms of how much time I have to devote to writing. The fiction I’d started when I first arrived is hanging out in space, the characters in suspended animation.

I have all these half-formed ideas swimming in my head and I can’t seem to find the interface between thinking and putting finger to keyboard (the awkward contemporary equivalent of that ancient adage with the pen and paper). Ironically, I’m teaching a dearth of writing classes this semester. Maybe my students’ syntactical confusion and half-formed arguments have infected my own writing.

Anyway, I apologize for the low volume of posts this month. Likely this writer’s block will break soon, like the drought that’s hanging over the Korean¬†peninsula at the moment. Come on, storms!¬†