Sunbean looked so appealing and cozy. Stupid work making me not have time to sip coffee.
Get around, even in the snow!

The only drawback to traveling in Korea is that it is occasionally difficult to get directions to the wonderful places one might want to visit. Korea uses two address systems, neither of which makes very much sense. Grids of endless streets and identical apartment buildings with very few landmarks are the bane of the traveler’s existence in Korea. Not even Google Maps had provided me with an accurate map of where I live. Taxi drivers get lost, even with GPS.

To respond to the need, I’ve decided to create walkthroughs for visits to points of interest in this amazing republic. I will include details directions and pictures to walk you, my dear readers, through how to arrive safe and sound to all the places that I visit while here.

Hiking Gwanaksan

Templestay at Geumsunsa 

Haesindang Park (Penis Park) 


If you like what you see here, head over to the Korean Culture and TEFL in Korea sections. There is even more to discuss and discover!

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