Where the Hell is Coleen?

Want to set foot in an active war zone? The two Koreas never fully ratified the peace treaty of 1953, meaning that they are still technically at war 49 years after the end of open conflict on the peninsula.

To get to the border and set foot inside North Korea, you need to go through the USO Tours office. They offer the tour to Camp Bonifas and the Joint Security Area for 96.000 KRW or 90 USD. They respond to emails at, or you can give them a call at (82.2) 795-3028. If you are not inside Korea, I recommend email over calling due to the time differences. They are very professional and prompt.

You will need to provide the following information in order to access the tours:

1) Full name :
2) Nationality :
3) Tour date :
4) Civilian/military :
5) Passport number or military ID number :
6) Contact phone number in Seoul (Hotel or hostel) :

Book in advance, because the tours fill very quickly! I had to book about a month in advance in order to reserve a spot.

Keep in mind that the rules to access the DMZ are multiple, and that the tours can be cancelled at any time due to changes in international diplomacy, weather, a sudden visit by a dignitary, or a North Korean tour stealing the conference rooms in the first-come-first-serve Panmunjom tourism land grab.

To arrive on the morning of the tour, give yourself plenty of time to get to either: Sam Gak Ji(삼각지) Station (Lines #4 and #6) Exit #10
Nam young(남영) Station (Line #1) Exit #1

The information and the photo above are from the USO website and I claim no ownership of them. They are for informational purposes only and please check with the USO directly for the most up to date information.

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