WTF: Haesindang Park

To arrive at the famed Penis Park, you need to first find your way to Samcheok (삼척시).

From Seoul:

Take a bus from the main express terminals or Dong Station to Geumnang. You have to change busses after around 2.5 hours to Samcheok. The first stop that the bus makes is NOT the station you want to get off at (it’s Donghae, and the driver will likely pause only an instant). This second bus will only take about forty minutes.

When you arrive in Samcheok you will pass the Home Plus downtown and finally arrive at the bus terminal. I suggest that you find a motel (there are two within two minutes’ walking distance) and ask the Tourist Information desk about the bus times for the park.

You need to take the normal city bus Bus #24, which you can pick up at the originating stop just to the side of the gates you came into with the intercity bus. The fare is 1700 won, and if you’re living around Seoul you won’t be able to use your T-Money card. The ride will take you on a winding track past the fields of canola plants that bloom yellow in spring and the beaches, and will eventually turn up into the hills. Dramamine is advised.

The ride is about 45 minutes from the terminal, and you’ll come to a bend in the road with a large bus stop. Chances are that many will get off here, so you’ll be in good company. If you start to go down the hill again, you’ve gone too far.

The entrance does not belie the wonders within the park, but the gates do have pictures of the virgin who drowned and her betrothed. You’ll have to walk down the path about 500 yards until you meet your first willy.

The entrance

7 thoughts on “WTF: Haesindang Park

  1. this post really helps me out since im going to samcheok this weekend!! if i can’t use my tmoney card, what do i use to ride the buses in samcheok~?

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