Travel Chile

In 2011, I moved to Southern Patagonia. No, not the outdoor clothing brand. The farthest South regions of the planet. I lived and worked in Puerto Natales, a tiny town on the fjords of Chile. Patagonia is silence. Slowness. Perpetual twilight. It’s an adventure every time you step out the door. Living and teaching in this region was one of the most challenging, and easily the most rewarding, experiences I’ve ever had in travel.

How to Visit Puerto Natales — MatadorNetwork

Adventure in Torres del Paine

It’s Enough -Teaching in the Trenches

The Bus Station in Villa Renovald

Epiphany (Or, The Breaking Point)

The Development of a Stoplight Morality

The Goodbye Spell

Because I had not begun to write on Reverse Retrograde at the time, some of the links in this section are from my older blog Al Camino Que Hicieron Mis Zapatos. I worked in Chile as a full-time teaching volunteer in the English Opens Doors Program (Programa Inglés Abre Puertas), and received a stipend and housing through the United Nations Development Program. EOD was put on hold for some time, in order to improve it. UPDATE 2016: EOD is back and running now!

Find information and apply for English Opens Doors here!

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