Travel India

India. It’s a travel destination that calls to almost everyone I meet. I spent two months backpacking in India with my boyfriend in 2013, in both the North and the South.  I never knew all the names of the tiny gas station towns we stopped in on long-haul buses.

India was not the best for me, but I know many more people who have had amazing and life-altering experiences there. The further I get away from the experience, the better I feel about it. Check out some of the articles below for more information!

The Indian Adventure: Anywhere There Could Be Poo or Wee, There is Both Poo and Wee

How to Dress For Travel in India

Palpable Suffering: On Being A Woman In Mother India

A Moveable Inferno

Snapshot of India #1 

Snapshot of India #2

Snapshot of India #3

Snapshot of India #4

Snapshot of India #5

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