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London 2013

London 2013

London is the city that I would choose to represent humanity if aliens landed. It has gathered humanity from all corners of the Earth, crammed into terraced houses and an increasing number of high rises. It is diverse, at times wonky, and encapsulates some of the problems facing my Millennial generation (income inequality, impossible housing prices, degree inflation, and political disenchantment among other titillating topics).

Despite it’s vast diversity and pluralism, I disagree with this oft-Tumblred famous quote from the 1770s:

“…When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
— Samuel Johnson

Nah. London doesn’t have the wide open silence of Patagonia. It doesn’t have the filthy neon entertainment districts of Korea. London doesn’t have mountains, wildfires, or extreme weather. London is not the only part of the United Kingdom, and it’s not even close to being my favourite part. It certainly doesn’t have everything, even though it has been recently touted as the Capital of Everything.

This page will direct you to some of the posts I’ve made during my time in London, but also my travels within the UK. I will also add some cultural posts soon, I hope!

I Was Here

I Yelled at a Racist in Pizza Express 

Fingerwaves and Moving London Lights 

Culture Shock? And A Journey Up the Thames

My London: 1

My London: 2 

27 Years

Greater UK: 

Ten Reasons This American Wishes She Were A Brit

North Norfolkian Getaway

Ancient Stones: Visiting Stonehenge 

And don’t miss my page of Photography in England!

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