Travel Iceland


The land of my dreams, in many senses. Mountains, beaches, unbelievably nice inhabitants, magic waterfalls, ancient stories, and geothermal sustainability. We first went for a week in 2015 for our honeymoon in the winter. I was lucky enough to live in Iceland for three months in the summer of 2016, as a volunteer at Úlfljótsvatn Outdoor and Scout Center.

By no means have I explored everything that there is to do in Iceland, but I did drive more than 3000km on many of the great roads the island in the North Atlantic offers, finding the things that most tourists don’t and visiting the main places that they do.

I’ve selected some of the best moments from Iceland here for your perusal. Make sure you ask me any questions you have!

Iceland’s Highlands: The Window Before Autumn 

The Golden Circle: Being a Super Tourist

Five of the Most Magical Waterfalls in Iceland

The Westman Islands: Climbing an Active Volcano

A 360 Degree View in Thorsmok

Latrabjarg: A Cliff at the Edge of Europe

The Mysterious and Gorgeous Midnight Sun

Otherworldly Fog 

Into Iceland’s Glacial Caves

These are only the best of the posts. There are many, many more. Just use the search of the website and type in “Iceland.”

I miss you already, land of dreams.